The Benefit of PDF
Portable Document Format, commonly referred to as PDF came about in the early 90s. at the time there was a problem of sharing documents from one computer to another inclusive of operating systems. So in order to fix the problem, the idea of creating formatted files came about. PDF has played a crucial role in companies that are in business. It doesn't matter whether you invoicing clients or maintaining customer records, there is a consistent format that ensures the document remains readable through the PDF.  View

The benefit of applying the PDF format in business is the capability of the document format being maintained. The major problem that has been noticed in the sharing of documents made in Microsoft word or any other word processor, the format becomes a challenge. Often it creates confusion and may make you appear bad to your clients. In order to maintain the intended layout of the document then the PDF format can save the situation. The format becomes ubiquitous. The format makes it visible and sharing made easier. The PDF has the capability of compressing high-quality files to manageable file size. This is ideal in case one intends to save the document in the hard drive with limited space. The document will be able to be accommodated in such a limited storage resource.

Another advantage is that the files can be protected through the use of a password. In most cases, you could be handling very sensitive client files. The chances of the files falling into prying eyes are high and given that the information in those documents could be sensitive. The PDF file has an enabled password protection. Nobody will be able to access such a document without the consent of the custodian. See

Another benefit of the PDF file is its capability of working on any operating system. The PDF has the ability to operate under the system. The adaptability of the PDF makes it possible to be viewed on a PC, mobile facility, Android or even a Mac. The benefit of the PDF is its simple integrated non-text elements such as hyperlinks or images. The use of PDF helps you maintain visible pleasing layouts. The PDF enable the link to open to viewer's web browser in cases of document retrievals either from the PC or mobile.      Since technology is dynamic the chances of PDFs being done away with will be impossible. The use of PDF is likely to be with us for a long time. Given the history of its reliance and widespread usage, only a fundamental shift in the computing world would bring such a change.